Resort "Ust-Kachka", the village of Ust-Kachka
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The juice bar

It offers the resort is located 2 juice bar where any visitor can try delicious and healthy drinks.

During the course of treatment or rehabilitation, the human body needs additional vitamins and minerals that helps to ensure that key procedures have produced the maximum therapeutic effect. In phytobars resort, you can try teas brewed directional oatmeal drink homemade vitamin drinks, honey mixtures, various oils, famous syrups of Bashkiria, Altai balms, herbal teas and fees. Resort doctors will tell you which combination to use for drinks, in what time and to what extent they should be used right for You to achieve a positive effect.

In addition, the phytobars resort you can just relax to chat with friends or other guests, enjoying mulled wine, soft drinks, milkshakes, which, undoubtedly, will appeal to children, as well as freshly made pastries.

Be sure to take the opportunity to feel the healing effect of nature on Your body while relaxing at the resort – visit the juice bar!

*The indications and contraindications, contact your doctor!

Operation Mode:

A juice bar in the building "malachite" is open from 11:00 to 19:00,
Juice bar in the Spa from 10:00 to 17:00.
Both bars work without breaks and weekends.
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