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Magnetotherapy device "Alma"

The apparatus of general magnetic therapy "Alma" allows you to ensure the impact of a uniform low-intensity magnetic field on the human body as a whole.

The magnetic field has a pronounced effect on the human vascular system. The regulatory effect of the magnetic field on the level of blood pressure in patients suffering from migraine attacks, increased intracranial pressure, and weather dependence has been noted.

The distinctive features of the Alma device are a wider set of variable parameters, which provides an individual approach to the treatment of each patient.

A nurse on a movable gurney places the patient in the inductor cavity and puts the treatment parameters into the computer support system, through which the process is managed and monitored. Before and after the procedure, blood pressure is measured by the patient. The duration of the procedure is 10-15 minutes. A course of 6-10 sessions, daily or every other day.

Indications for use

The device is used for arterial hypertension, vascular diseases of the brain, vegetative-vascular dystonia, dorsopathy, diseases of the joints, chronic bronchitis and disorders of the immune status.


The use of this device is highly undesirable in cases of severe hypotension, individual intolerance to magnetic therapy, pregnancy, systemic blood disorders, acute infectious diseases, and also for children.

the doctor endocrinologist, doctor of medical Sciences
Zavrajnih Lyubov Arkadyevna
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