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Electro-hypnotherapy (using LENAR and Bee LENAR) - removing post-stress reactions, getting rid of overwork, correcting sleep disorders.

The essence of the action is to remove internal and external influences that activate the cerebral cortex, stabilize central homeostasis, manifested in synchronizing bioelectric activity, relieving the emotional and vegetative response of the body, regulating the functional state of the central nervous system, increasing the level of psychological defense to stressful effects. p>

Indications for use

Electrohypnotherapy is often used for entsilofapatii, neurosis, headaches, vegetative dystonia syndrome, neuritis and depression.


This procedure is contraindicated in Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, the effects of spinal cord and brain injuries, mental disorders, epilepsy and oncopathology of the nervous system.

the doctor endocrinologist, doctor of medical Sciences
Zavrajnih Lyubov Arkadyevna
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