Resort "Ust-Kachka"
the village of Ust-Kachka
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Lipomassage is one of the most effective methods to combat cellulite, which acts by mobilizing the body’s own resources. This massage is effective in treating cellulite, eliminating puffiness, reducing adipose tissue, modeling the body contour.


Lipomassage is contraindicated for malignant blood diseases and hemophilia; malignant tumors; scurvy; gangrene; vascular thrombosis; angiitis; aneurysm of the heart, aorta, peripheral vessels; mental illness; tuberculosis; sexually transmitted diseases; osteomyelitis; causalgic syndrome; circulatory failure and pulmonary heart disease.

the doctor endocrinologist, doctor of medical Sciences
Zavrajnih Lyubov Arkadyevna
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