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Manual therapy

Manual therapy is a system of manual diagnostic and treatment techniques aimed at correcting or eliminating the pathological manifestations caused by diseases or changes in the spine, joints, and muscular-ligamentous apparatus.

For the diagnosis, data from health resort cards, medical records, computed tomography data, spondylography or radiography of the joints, reovasogarfia, Doppler sonography, electro-puncture diagnostics are used.

With the help of special techniques of manual diagnostics, the presence of mobility limitations is established.

Treatment is subject to functional changes in the spine at all levels, as well as joints. After clarifying the level of pathology and the choice of mobilization segment, manual treatment is carried out using a special technique.

Treatment includes relaxing massage, acupressure, electro-acupuncture at biologically active points, special techniques, including horizontal or vertical traction, rotation of the spine in the flexion or extension position.

Manual therapy is compatible with all other types of sanatorium treatment

Indications for use

Manual therapy is often used for dorsopathy.


This procedure is contraindicated in case of lumps of the spine, spinal cord and brain, and internal organs; various infectious processes, fractures, ankylosing spondylitis, disc herniation, diseases of internal organs

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