Resort "Ust-Kachka" , the village of Ust-Kachka
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Now you can live with your favorite pets!

Dear guests!

Due to numerous requests in the resort, you can now live with your favorite pets!

Rules of living with pets in the resort of Ust Kachka:
  • The cost of placing a pet in the rooms is 1000 rubles per day.
  • A guest arriving at a pet resort for rest (treatment) must have a certificate from a veterinarian with a vaccination mark or present a standard veterinary passport.
  • Guest must bring a special pet cage.
  • It is forbidden to leave pets unattended in the room and lobby of the resort building, in the resort area without a special cage.
  • For toilet cats guest must bring a special tray.
  • Prohibited the walking of domestic animals in the resort and the surrounding area.
  • For pet feeding the guest is obliged to bring special dishes with them.
  • It is strictly forbidden to feed pets from the dishes belonging to the resort.
  • It is prohibited to bring pets to the resort’s entertainment complex and other common areas.
  • It is forbidden to wash pets in the shower rooms, use towels, sheets and other bedding belonging to the resort.
  • It is forbidden to comb pets in the room, halls and other common areas of the resort.
  • Guest is obliged to provide access to the resort staff in the room for cleaning or repairs.
  • In the event of damage to the resort property of pets, the guest is obliged to pay damages according to the price list of damage to property.
  • The resort reserves the right to terminate the agreement with the guest living with a pet and demand to leave the resort in case of violation of these rules, as well as in the case of aggressive, inadequate, noisy behavior of the pet.
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