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Treatment and rehabilitation


One of the largest balneological centers of central Russia is the resort of Ust-Kachka. It is located 50 km from the city of Perm in a picturesque pine forest on the right bank of the Kama River and is a whole town. On a vast territory of almost 200 hectares there are 7 health centers, a large park area, fountains, shady avenues, playgrounds, and well-maintained beaches. This sanatorium is the most popular holiday destination, where you can not only relax and escape from worries, but also improve your health.


Therapeutic base of the sanatorium


The main advantage of treatment at the Ust-Kachka resort is a temperate climate. Because of this, vacationers do not need time for acclimatization, and treatment begins from the first day. The main therapeutic factor of the sanatorium is mineral waters.

  • The resort is famous for its medicinal-table drinking water, useful in many diseases.
  • Iodine-bromine waters are comparable in their effects to those of the Dead Sea. They are mined from great depths from the remnants of the ancient Perm Sea.
  • Hydrogen-hydrogen baths from the Ust-Kachinsky deposit are also widely used at the resort.

Now in the sanatorium there are about 60 different methods of treatment using mineral waters.

Mud applications
Aromatic bath
Swimming in the medical pool with highly mineralized brine (Dead Sea complex)
Laser therapy
Magnetic therapy
Ozone therapy

Select from the list of the body system to which the disease you are interested in, after which you can familiarize yourself with information about the possibilities of its treatment in the Ust-Kachka resort. < /p>

Spa treatment (adults) 11-21 days
The reduction or elimination of clinical manifestations of the disease, improved well-being.
Men's health
Decrease of clinical manifestations erectile dysfunction, chronic prostatitis, initial stage of adenoma of a prostate gland. Treatment of male infertility.
Reduction or disappearance of clinical manifestations of neurosis, depression, sleep disorders, syndrome of "chronic fatigue", diseases of the autonomic nervous system.
Rehabilitation in diseases of locomotor apparatus
Reduction or disappearance of clinical manifestations of osteochondrosis, arthrosis, arthritis, other diseases of the musculoskeletal system. General health.

What diseases are treated in a sanatorium?

Our spa center has patented unique methods of treating many diseases with the help of mineral waters. Iodine-bromine baths and applications are used to treat cardiovascular diseases, disorders of the sex glands and skin diseases. In addition, hydrogen sulphide baths are also useful for the normalization of the nervous system and the musculoskeletal system. Inside, mineral waters are prescribed for diseases of the digestive system, metabolic disorders and urinary and genital diseases. Ust-Kachka is going to the resort to relieve psychological stress, alleviate the condition in case of respiratory diseases, to rejuvenate and raise the body's tone.


Treatment methods in the sanatorium

In addition to unique natural factors, the resort of Ust-Kachka is famous for its rich medical and diagnostic base, which allows patients to comfortably undergo all the necessary procedures. To the services of tourists except balneotherapy and hydrotherapy:

  • different types of massage, su-jok and manual therapy;
  • electrophoresis, electro-hypnotherapy on the LENAR apparatus, magnetic therapy;
  • UFO, UHF, UHF, darsonvalization, galvanization;
  • Sunshig ophthalmic apparatus;
  • hirudotherapy, homeopathy, herbal medicine, exercise therapy.

What else explains the effectiveness of treatment in the sanatorium "Ust-Kachka"?

The resort is very popular, because the effectiveness of treatment is at least 98%. Unique climatic and natural factors, as well as modern medical techniques are complemented by highly qualified staff. Experienced doctors will help you choose the most effective recovery program.

If you need to rest and improve your health - Ust-Kachka is the best choice. Getting to the sanatorium is easy - from Yekaterinburg or Perm. Come to Ust-Kachka and any health problems will recede.

the doctor endocrinologist, doctor of medical Sciences
Zavrajnih Lyubov Arkadyevna
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