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What is the essence of the floating procedure?

In the unusual effect of "floating", which becomes possible due to the well-thought-out construction of the chamber with thick walls. It protects people from the environment, creating a quiet and peaceful atmosphere. At the bottom of the chamber is water with a lot of salt. Due to the concentration of saline solution, the body will lie on the water. To stay in the floating camera was even more comfortable, the water temperature is 34-35 degrees. Due to this, the fluid is not felt by the body, a person can easily imagine himself anywhere. Despite the fact that the water layer is usually 25 centimeters, a person does not touch the bottom, the word is floating in weightlessness. Often in the background there is soothing music or sounds of nature that complement the relax effect.

On average, one session lasts from 40 minutes to an hour. This time is enough to thoroughly clear the mind and mind, get rid of tension and anxiety. Large camera sizes are suitable for those who do not like confined spaces. If necessary, the door can be left ajar - this will slightly reduce the effect of estrangement from the outside world, but in general it doesn’t hurt to relax.

Do you need to prepare for a visit to the floating procedure?

No, specific training is not required. However, it is better to take into account that a large amount of dissolved salt can cause skin irritation in the presence of scratches or open wounds. This is true for those who recently underwent a procedure of depilation or hair removal.

Floating course results. What effect can I expect?

In general, two directions of the result can be observed.

  The first is physical effect. Deep relaxation has a positive effect on the body. It reduces the level of stress hormone, increases the amount of hormones of happiness. This, in turn, reduces the stress load on the body. Exposure to salt normalizes blood pressure, reduces pain in the spine or muscles.

  The second direction is the spiritual component. Floating is carried out with deep external and internal silence. The thoughts that are forever flickering in my head are silenced, the mind calms down ... A person is conscious and enjoys every second of complete relaxation.

Absolute relaxation you can get in the Spa "Style" (FOK "Akvatsentr")

  The cost of the procedure: 1000 rubles

  Duration of treatment: 1 hour

  Sign up by phone: +7 (342) 206-12-01

the doctor endocrinologist, doctor of medical Sciences
Zavrajnih Lyubov Arkadyevna
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