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Rational psychotherapy

Rational psychotherapy is a method of psychotherapeutic influence on a patient with the help of logically reasoned explanations, which is carried out by explaining various concepts, judgments and conclusions, to put it simply, a psychotherapy specialist talk with a patient. Rational psychotherapy is most needed as a preparation for other methods of psychotherapeutic influence, this method of persuasion, clarification, distraction is addressed to the logical thinking of the patient.

Indications for use

Such therapy is prescribed for such diseases as encephalopathy with asthenic, vascular, hypothalamic syndromes, neurosis, tension headaches, vegetative dystonia syndrome, migraine and depression.


Neuromuscular relaxation is not desirable for diseases such as

Parkinson’s Disease; multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, as well as oncopathology of the nervous system, the consequences of injuries and diseases of the spinal cord and brain, mental disorders and drug addiction.

For more information about the procedure as a whole and how it can be used in a sanatorium, call + 7 (342) 207-43-26

the doctor endocrinologist, doctor of medical Sciences
Zavrajnih Lyubov Arkadyevna
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